Building SYSTEMS to IMPLEMENT these Profit Triggers is how to separate you from the competition & make you more money.

Here Are The Profit Triggers Within
The BEFORE Building Blocks

1. Narrowing Down And Choosing A Single Target Market (At A Time)

You know you're being successful at this when you know who they are, what they care about, where to find them, and how to reach them with your EMPATHITIC TRUST BASED MARKETING —aimed at “What’s In It - For Me — W.I.I.-F.M.’

2. Inspiring Your Perfect Prospects To Pursue You Rather Than You Pursuing Them

You want to pull them towards you, NOT AT THEM. Focus on delivering VALUE, to build trust & rapport — while identifying their wants, desires and wishes. Employing the Proven, Time-Tested Emotional Direct Response Marketing Strategies to Compel Your AVATAR to Connect With You.

3. Educating And Motivating Them So That They’re Anxious To Give You Money

You know you're being effective at this when they consistently thank you for your educational content and your engaging personality. You want to do your marketing “WITH THEM”. Give VALUE first, and remember it’s EMPATHY that they truly want. What marketers can do, when they're doing their best work, is bring the future to the present.

The way you want to think about your BEFORE building blocks is in the light of, “How much would you be willing to pay someone to deliver perfect prospects to you?”

Here, You’ll Discover the Extreme Profit Triggers Within
the DURING Building Blocks

The DURING building blocks begins when you meet with the prospect all the way until the transactions are finalized and you move towards the after sales benefits.

Here are the three components of it . . .

4. Presenting Your Client Focused UNIQUE BENEFITS & Hidden Benefits - ‘USP’

It’s time to ‘THINK DIFFERENT’ — Focus on your UNIQUE ADVANTAGES TO CREATE A ‘COMPETITION FREE ZONE” Asking the right questions to uncover their dominant resident emotional CRITERIA for saying YES

5. Delivering An Amazing Experience To Them. Executing Your WOW Factors

When you STAND-APART as the Preeminent Player in your niche, you’ll be seen as the trusted advisor, go to resource and EXPERT, Whom is focused 100% on the other side, “CLIENT FIRST”.

6. Providing Amazing Service “Benefits" After The Sale Has Been Finalized.

This is Where WINNERS Excel. You know you're being successful at this when a plentiful percentage of your CLIENTS become RAVING LOYAL FANS, Setting up the After Building Blocks, where the big money is earned. Maximizing Lifetime Values.

Here Are Your Wildly Effective Profit Triggers Within
The AFTER Building Blocks

7. Get Testimonial Online & Offline - While You Frequently Nurturing The Relationship – Social Proof Systems - Testimonials

The foundation of the After building blocks. “What THEY Say About YOU Is 1000X-TIMES More Valuable than what you say, even if you are 1000x-times more articulate or eloquent. Again, it’s all about PROVEN SYSTEMS To Document Social Proof — Multimedias.

8. Orchestrate And Fine Tune Your Referral Processes, You Must Implement Accountable & Measurable Protocols

You know you're being trustworthy, when each customer you acquire will reliably bring you additional CLIENTS with THEIR REFERRALS. Do you have documented processes, including referral tools — scripts and kits?

Must employ time-tested, proven systems to maximize your opportunities for the BIG 3 R’s. You’ve already discovered the importance in REFERRALS. Now, here’s the other BIG R's:

9. Client RETENTION Systems — Did you know, the Probability of Selling to an Existing Customer is 60-70%? When selling a NEW Prospect is only 5 to 20%. It’s your job to serve them “What’s Next” for enhancing their lives. Ensuring LOYAL RAVING FANS for life.

These facts make your Customer Journey Map, Empathy Map. Experience Map enormously valuable to your business’s success when you employ the Strategy of Preeminence.

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

10. Client REACTIVATION is Your Job — Folks get lost because of INDIFFERENCE. It’s your job to remember them, it’s not their job to remember you. Focus on Relationship Capital with your Multimedia Value Content Strategies. Build a fence around your CLIENTS “Your TRIBE”

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