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Your 3-Minute Videos

Bite-Sized Strategies to Build Your Freelance Business in Just 3 Minutes a Day

Growing your business can be fun, easy, and natural … Michael Katz reveals the simple, fast solutions to your biggest marketing and business-building challenges. Michael is one of the leading coaches for small business owners looking to stand out, and he’s created this fresh new series of video coaching sessions designed for writers only.

In these 36 three-minute lessons, he’ll help you see exactly how to grow, thrive, and prosper as a freelance writer.

2. The “Check In” Email

3. How to Get Your Emails Opened

 4. Write the Way You Speak

 5. How to Offer a Free Content Download

 6. How to Get Your Content Published by Others

 7. Don’t Publish Your Prices

 8. Do (AT LEAST) One Thing Every Day

 9. How to Manage Your Capacity

 10. Look for Things That Repeat. That Repeat.

 11. How and Why to Rank Your Clients

 12. Make Your Content Easy to Scan

 13. Do Things You’re Really Good At Doing

 14. Linking-Out

 15. Know Your Pricing “Sweet Spot”

 16. Share Personal Information

 17. Value is Subjective

 18. Alternative Formats for Sharing Content

 19. The World’s Greatest Relationship Marketing Tool

 20. Fear of Looking Unprofessional

 21. How to Identify Your Perfect Client

 22. Stalking the Vanishing Prospect

 23. Monetizing Your Influence With Affiliate Programs

 24. Write to Someone That You Know Well

 25. Stay In Touch Forever

 26. Offer Choices When Creating Service Offerings

 27. How to Send a Holiday Greeting Card

 28. Host Your Own (Sort of) Public Event

 29. Take Advantage of Your Human Advantage

 30. Narrow Your Content Focus

 31. The Power of Packaging

 32. Take a Position

 33. Know Thy Audience

 34. Improve Your Testimonials

 35. Using “Google Alerts” As Social Media Fodder

 36. Become a Likeable Expert