Flowery Branch, Georgia

The #1 Writing Superpower (And How to Tap Into it Starting Today)

In today’s world of heavy messaging, A.I., and content overwhelm… there’s ONE SKILL that’s allowing writers to rise to the top, secure better, long-lasting clients, and transform their lives and careers.

This webinar is an exclusive, 1-on-1 “sit down” with AWAI Copy Chief Sandy Franks, where you’ll discover:

  • Why this is the MOST powerful skill any writer can have…
  • How this writing superpower trumps every other writing “trick” or “technique” out there…
  • Why tapping into it can open big doors for you, set you apart from other writers (instantly), and make clients want to hire you…
  • And much more.

As always, we answered so many wonderful questions at the end.

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