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“How To Construct Your Full Proof New Automated

Lead Generation Machine !!!

Earning emails & contacts for STARTERS — While 3X to 10X TIMES Your Conversions — Skyrocketing Lifetime Values, Referrals, Retention & Reactivation


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When was the last time you could IMAGINE what’s possible for growing your PROFITS in the decade(s) ahead, found only at: Masterclass.Profit-Triggers, Your CASH Copywriting PLAYBOOK, & INCREDIBLE, IRRESISTIBLE VALUE PROPOSITIONS, Wickedly Effective !!!

3 SECRET STRATEGIESto grow businesses’ REVENUES in the new decade. Get ready for Fronts-line trenches 2023/24 and beyond……starting today !!!  3 WAYS to Grow Profits …

  • Are you interested in increasing the number of Clients, Members or Patients, get more new prospects or referrals into Super Loyal RAVING FANS? What do you think about overdelivering? YES?

  • Are you curious about ethically increasing the average transaction values, getting each client to buy more at each purchase? Are you interested in their ultimate outcomes? Absolutely?

  • Would you want to honorably Increase the Frequency that the average client buys from YOU, get each customer to buy and refer YOU more often? Is this important for your markets? MOST Definitely?

Picture building the SYSTEMS to increase each of the:

3 Secret STRATEGIES by a meager 10% each month, quarter or in a year.

GET THIS! Geometry Kicks-In for providing you a 33.33% increase in Revenues EXPONENTIAL, Experiential, Geometric   COMPOUNDED GEOMETRIC GROWTH =

Forced Multiplier Effect —



Think of it this way. You have 100 Clients, and the average dollar sale is $1000. and they buy two times a year = EQUALS $200,000.

“Two-hundred thousand Dollars”

Increase only one STRATEGY by 10 % ( e.g prospects /referrals, or transaction value or frequency)increase  = $220,000

Increase 2 STRATEGIES by 10% each GET THIS $242,000

Increase all 3 Strategies by 10% each: Compound Increase $266,200

YES $266,000

Almost Overnight; Look What Happens NOW?
Think Abundance…

Are you interested in practically increase each by 10% to 300%?  What are you thinking?


What IF YOUR GROWTH WAS $20% for all 3 strategies?

Year #1: 20% Growth = $345,600

What if you could repeat this 20% growth year over year Year #1: 20% Growth = 345,600 Year #2: 20% Growth = $597,196 Year #3: 20% Growth = $1,095,400

Your Secrets Revealed here:

Permission based marketing is the opposite of screaming for someone’s attention. Permission marketing is, instead, about sharing anticipated, personal, relevant messages with people who want to hear from you. And permission marketing works, because it is based on trust and respect — it’s based on empathy.

When they truly believe you only care about THEIR emotional, experiential, engaging, entertaining future transformations; for enhancing their health, wealth and relationship…

Always engineering reciprocity…

“How You Can Increase The Number Of Prospects and Referrals Into Paying Super Loyal FANS — Ethically Increase Average Transaction Values — Honorably Increase How Often They Buy From You — While Consistently Providing Social Proof As A Super Loyal Raving Fans, To Generate Referrals, Retention & Reactivation Systems”

Your relationships with your prospects and clientele can be your smoking gun in the new decades. AUTHORSHIP is where the game is played — Online today. Google  FaceBook YouTube and Instagram, and more !!! SOCIAL MEDIA’s. . .

They are fantastic for increasing your TRAFFIC into your FUNNELS {which can be your most valuable asset for growing your relationships and being seen at the PREEMINENT PLAYER IN YOUR WORLD, you want to be their go to AUTHORITY,

{like Google}…

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable CLIENTS action. Easy to implement. Superior results online start . . .

with superior writing . . .

Want to know what really drives the INTERNET, and the trillions of dollars that cascade through e-commerce every year?

You might think it’s tech, but it isn’t.

Technology matters because it gives the world greater access to your writing. The written or spoken word drives the web. It always has, and it always will.

Even in an image-rich web imagines & Body Language — the right magic words are still, what makes the difference.

  • Words drive engagement.
  • Words drive customer experiences.
  • Words drive sales, growth, and profit.


And if you want to master the art of using words to drive business results, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Copywriters helps you create the kind of audience-focused content that helps you reach their desires and your business goals.

The three pillars of content marketing

Since the foundation of great content marketing is great writing, you’ll quickly notice how your favorite podcasts and videos are all built on the right words … we have the right tools …

Magic Words That Brings You RICHE$

On “Your CASH Copywriting Playbook: Membership Site…”

to name a few for find comprehensive resources that help you master the three pillars of content marketing.

 “Your Cash Copywriters Playbook”

A to Z Membership Site always in the works, that will be jaw-dropping for your audiences . . .

Effective headlines, engaging articles, and tactful sales copy that persuades is still (and will always be) an integral part of what content has to offer.

Even with all the changes that we’ve seen over the last 17 years, the writers still run this show. The rules may have changed slightly, but fear not, we’re here to guide you.

Audio Content:

It’s no secret that podcasts are exploding in popularity. AUDIBLE . . .books. . .

It has never been easier to create a podcast and build a loyal following through audio content. In the past, there was a barrier to entry into podcasting because of the equipment needed and the technical know-how required. That is no longer the case.

Our mission is to show you how to effectively use your podcast/VIDEO’s as a marketing machine that turns a profit — While generating… Super Loyal Raving FANS.

Video Works if you are Client Centric, and not boring ever…

Did you know that 55% of search results contain video? Did you know that by 2023, it’s projected that 82% of all online traffic will be video?

People are hungry for new forms of media in which they can be entertained, educated, and served. Most important, is they only care about What’s In It-For-Me !!! and YOU or their name are their favor words. SELLING is SERVING !!!

We show you exactly how to incorporate video into your content strategy, even if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.

Why video marketing is so powerful?

Consumers like it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Video is also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce … Hidden fortune …

8 Reasons: Why Your Business Should Use VIDEO MARKETING…

  1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales
  2. Video Shows Great ROI
  3. Video Builds Trust
  4. Google Loves Videos YouTube
  5. Video Appeals to Mobile Users
  6. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything
  7. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers
  8. Video Encourages Social Shares

More recommendations:

  1. Plan ahead so you can tell a story “STORYTELLING, works”
  2. Keep the camera steady
  3. If audio is key to the story, consider an external mic
  4. Don’t use digital zoom
  5. Lighting is key
  6. Shoot for your intended platform
  7. Use an editing app to trim unnecessary stuff out
  8. Consider using subtitles or on-screen text
  9. Aim to catch attention quickly
  10. Keep it short

The number of retailers continue to go out of business every year? Instantly, Pocket more FREE Money…

When I became a Retailer in 1987 and then a sales representative in the Washington D.C. &  Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia areas. Most retailers are gone many years ago.

Sad but true. My MISSIONS are about helping retailers SURVIVE & THRIVE … Selling their businesses, and retiring wealthy…

This is my passion, for helping successful businesses “retailers” High Performing Entrepreneurs & Advanced Professional Practices, earning extraordinary growth !!! CLIENT CENTRIC=?

In 1991, I traveled with Mike Echolds (Tropitone President), another economic downturn. I asked Mike if he wanted a sales expert for retailers — a truly knowledgable sales rep. Clients Centric…Clients First…

Turning Shoppers Into Buyer With Sales That Wear Well …

Mike called me the next week, offering Carolinas, or GA, AL & TN.

Carolinas did $216,713 and the three states did $325,667 the year before. Since I lived in Charleston, SC, managing a restaurant, I pick the Carolinas. Love Charleston,SC.

In the summer of 1993, Mike offered the 3 more states GA, AL & TN.

Now, A real road warrior, covering five states in a minivan (plenty of room for products to show). Too many Hotels NIGHTS !!!

In 1994, I gave up AL & TN for Bermuda & Puerto Rico, for better scenery, and less windshield time.

So I made a bet with Mike on sales growth on the two Islands.

The next Chicago show at the merchandise mart, I asked Mike to pay up. He smiled, you make more money than anybody has ever made at Tropitone & Basta Sole, including myself as the CEO.

Knowing how to walk into a retail store, build trust & rapport with the folks on the floors, and showed them how to ethically make more money — While creating Super Loyal Raving Fans.

The owners loved the impact of increasing sales. I’ve continued to staying sharp with the times. Less product … more about the audience(s), digging deep into their emotional desires . . .

Selling is all about understanding them, it’s all about 90% their ultimate emotional, experiential outcomes, an 10% everything else. The hard sale is dead. It’s about building RELATIONSHIPS.

Karl Offenbacker’s was the big player Washington DC areas (Maryland & Virginia)

Karl sold the business, the first buyer failed because they did not know how to target the affluent markets, selling at high price points. High Price Points are where the money is . . .


Great Gathering failed miserably because of the their advertising agency. The advertising agency was paid on the spend, NOT the number of quality leads, whom turned out to not be super loyal raving fans, who loved to brag about their status and the phenomenal experiences.

There are two types of advertising — institutional branding, which referred as Tombstone (because it doesnt do anything). Emotional Direct Marketing stimulates someone to see a benefit that they want, a solution that folks desire. 

Buying the Results.

How many people went out and bought snow-tires after seeing the Goodyear, the Blimp? How about Soda & Beer makers?

Joe at Great Gatherings was obliviously closed mind about WHY it’s all about lead generation for the affluent markets into carefully crafted funnels. It is what it is … $15,500,000 owed to the bank.

WHY FUNNEL VISION … Have you heard of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube?

Write these 12 words everywhere: Most People Fall In Love With Their Products, INSTEAD OF THEIR PROSPECTS


They both hired Advertising Agencies, who avoid  ACCOUNTABLE ADVERTISING AND MEASURABLE MARKETING. No Call To Action, or compelling content. . . educational based marketing. Aimed at W.I.I.-F.M !!! What’s In It-For Me !!! With THEM, For THEM. never at them !!!

AGENCY would be out of job if they were accountable to the money invested from the businesses.

Please stop your brand advertising !!!


Folks Love to Buy, YET HATE TO BE SOLD !!!

Micheal Gerber’s last book in his E-Myth series, it’s three things to do… KPI: Increase LEADS, KPI: Increase Conversions — While setting-up:  business growth, or to sell the business.

There are two types of advertising — institutional branding, which referred as Tombstone (because it doesn’t do anything). Emotional Direct Marketing stimulates someone to see a benefit that they want, a solution that folks desire.  Buying the Results

Worth Repeating. Always an irresistible offer to educate their emotional outcomes, the transformations earned.

How many people went out and bought snow-tires after seeing the Goodyear the Blimp?



Build Your Brand

We are all in the EXPERIENCES BUSINESSES !!!

  1. Become an evangelist yourself.
  2. Start a cult. (Tribe)
  3. Tick people off, who don’t get-it

COVID19: safe living outdoors with Social Distances !!!

You must always include an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER !!! Educational Base Marketing, worth the email address for starters.

Ideally, you want content that is so compelling, they want what your offer, and love to share it. It’s That Good? !!!

AGAIN: There are two types of advertising — institutional branding, which referred as Tombstone (because it doesn’t do anything). Emotional Direct Response Marketing stimulates someone to see a benefit that they want, a solution that folks desire.  Buying the Results !!! Emotional Storytelling…


Could you be profitable using less than 60 seconds ads @$4.5 Million Dollars — deep pockets of money to spend.

Every dollar must be measured, did it make money or NOT?


Your Marketing Department in A BOX. Innovation & Marketing are the only ASSETS in a BUSINESS, everything else are EXPENSES”

–Peter Ducker

Innovation in a business enterprise must be always be market-focused. Tags: marketing strategic, marketing innovation”
Peter F. Drucker

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

Almost every organization wants to produce meaningful

innovation, but it’s only one part of the so-called:

“Drucker change management process.” 

We are always looking for acronyms to jog our memory. The one we coined for this all-powerful Drucker change management process is ACE–I.

  1. Abandonment of the unproductive and the obsolete
  2. Continuous productivity improvement of people, capital, crucial physical assets, and knowledge
  3. Exploitation (and systematic identification) of successes 
  4. Innovation—“meaning producing the truly new and different as opposed to the typical strategy of the ongoing business which is “better and more.”

The best way to predict the future is to create it !!!

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all…


Markets FIRST !!!

YES! You want to have in place ASAP a COMPLETE 12-Month Marketing Calendar – along with all the templates, tools, resources, and training YOU need to put every component into action, so you can make this year the year, YOU make the money you want and achieve the freedom YOU deserve. The more OUTRAGEOUS the better.

Here’s the complete rundown of what I’m going to receive and experience by signing up for:

Your Marketing Department in a Box” Remember; ACCOUNTABLE ADVERTISING & MEASURABLE MARKETING. Always a irresistible offer: C.T.A. CORE PACKAGE

  • How to EXPLODE YOUR ADVERTISING RESULTS & Skyrocket Your Profit Using 3D Mail
  • A 12-Month Marketing & Implementation Calendar – complete with action items and dates for the entire year.
  • Monthly Lead Generation Postcards: Oversized, themed, and ready to use to drive home killer offers each and every month of the year.
  • Monthly Personal Success Nuggets” newsletter & postcards to easily and inexpensively stay in touch with clients and leads.
  • Monthly E-letters – a customizable, professionally designed email HTML newsletter ready to use – you only have to fill in two simple sections.
  • Quarterly (4) Cash Flow Surge Promotions – all themed and good to go to generate massive profits whenever you want.
  • A bi-yearly Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign – so you don’t need to worry about bringing back past customers who’ve left for whatever reason.
  • A Customer Referral Campaign to be used weekly to get new CLIENTS to tell their friends and expand your business’s reach practically on autopilot.
  • Three (3) Generic Monthly Campaigns three full campaigns (Oversized lead generation postcards, “personal success nuggets” newsletters, postcards & e-letters) you will want to do something different from our standard set.
  • Four (4) Implementation Coaching Sessions each week for four weeks you will receive in the mail Coaching Webinar and Transcriptions covering how to plan out the next 12 months, customize all the documents together, and much more…
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or & Google Fast-Track Training – We will be able to start generating leads immediately with these powerhouse media giants. Social media strategies are a must do today !!! Storytelling or StoryBrand.
  • Ultimate Magnetic Offer Generator – with this online tool we’ll be able to easily create powerful irresistible offers with a few clicks of a button!
  • One-year access to the YMDIAB Facebook Group where you can collaborate with other members and get social media marketing updates when they happen.


More Than Half of the People on Earth Now

Use Social Media. Secrets Revealed.

And Dont Forget to Include These Great BONUSES! STACK OF BONUSES !!! Profit-Triggers & Your CASH copywriting PLAYBOOK . …

Hundreds more +++++

Renegade Millionaire Marketing Successes in 2023 & BEYOND:

Renegade Millionaire Marketing

What you’ll discover on this training:

  1. Learn why 95% of the population will always struggle, and how you can shift your thinking and strategy to transform your results and get into the 1%” or 5% club.
  1. Get the blueprint for achieving whatever business, money, success, fame, impact, and influence goals you may have.
  1. Discover how to defy all normal, common, ordinary boundaries and restrictions on speed, ease, and independence in growing your businesses.

Be the CONTRARIAN: doing the opposite everyone else. Southwest Airlines & APPLE & many others owning a competition free ZONE.

Become the Disney in your world:

Key Takeaways: Walt Disney – the man and the company – is one of the most successful and powerful entertainment companies in the world, with a market cap of $238.9 billion. … After its acquisition of 21st Century Fox in March 2019, Disney became the largest media powerhouse on the planet. More on the To Do List…

SO… ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BECOMING A RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE? When was the last time you thought of yourself as someone who throws the typical and conventional to the wayside? Someone who not only pushes the envelope, but practically shreds it into a million pieces — daring to live and experience life where few others are willing to go?

Being a RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE means having the willingness, know-how, and courage to transform an ordinary business into an extraordinary, wealth-producing asset that can change your life forever. Inside this revolutionary book, world-famous author Dan S. Kennedy reveals the principles and strategies he’s used over the past four decades to do exactly that — not only for himself but also for businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the world.

It’s all practical, rubber-meets-road kind of material, 100 percent based on the real-life experiences of well over 150 first-generation, from-scratch, entrepreneurial millionaires and multimillionaires…   

In essence, you’re getting over $100 million worth of entrepreneurial street smarts. Are you ready to rise above, push forward at lightning speed, and finally live the life of a true RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE Marketer? Then let’s get started.

3 step campaigns. Building blocks: committing to Direct Response Marketing!!! Mind shift… new mindset… Why do you want a Response from your educational based content? Are LEADS important to you and your businesses?

Majority are always wrong… measure everything… 3 things:

  1. if you don’t know to do; look what everyone else is doing. DON’T DO THAT. BE DIFFERENT !!!  Accountable Advertising & Measurable Marketing, do WHAT’s working for YOU. SUCCESSFUL… INSIDIOUS… STOP doing what everyone else !!! THINK DIFFERENT — FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR MARKET, make them the hero of the story. You are their GUIDE.
  1. Outside influences: other industries
  1. What do you do and how can you STAND-APART

Jay Abraham:

  • “As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.” …
  • “Innovation basically involves making obsolete that which you did before.” …
  • “An amazing thing, the human brain. …”

“there are only three ways to increase your business:

Brad S. Lloyd

Cell #770-330-9595 
4661 Windsor Drive, Flowery Branch, GA. 30542

Where all Great Lead Generation Starts:  Ask yourself, What keeps them awake at night?  What do they secretly, privately desire most?  Your prospect is saying to you — “If I could JUST _______ ?  (fill in the blank)

Did you know studies shows the average sale takes 8.3 touches? Now Listen to this, 65% of the buying process is based on Trust & Rapport — “Know, Like, & Trust You”.  Which means content marketing is king! You would be wise to build a MULTI-step,- multimedia educational relationship message SYSTEM

On my business card you receive access to the Lifecycle Marketing Planner.  It gets better, at Atlanta Market: Profit-Triggers there a tremendous amount transformational Brilliant Business Breakthroughs to explode YOUR SALES. Brad Lloyd ~~~ Marketing Maven

“Advanced Modern Marketing” Do Something EXTRAORDINARY-DISCOVER: “PROFIT-TRIGGERS”

*** Narrow down your target niche and then capture, educate and motivate genuine prospects to say. YES … YES… & YES …

*** Convert your prospects into sales processes “SCRIPTS” nurture the relationship and provide stunning service.

REMEMBER, you are in the Endless Value Proposition Business

*** SYSTEMS to create raving fans, magnetize referrals, always showing them “What’s New or Next?” and rescue lost CLIENTS campaign…


A Proven Approach for Creating an Instant Surge of Cash in Your Businesses…

Purpose of System:You see by giving you this tool – that I’m going to implore you to use – you will see that what we teach actually works.

The Big Mistake…Marketing is the OXYGEN of a business to: SURVIVE & THRIVE !!!

One of the biggest errors that business owners make is this one; and pay very close attention to this because this will determine your success or your failure – not only with this Cash Flow Surge Generator, but also with your DIRECT marketing in general.

The biggest mistake that you can make is to think;
My business is different.”

Everyone thinks that their business is different – and that holds them back.

Here’s something else that’s really important for you to burn into your brain.

Successful business owners – our most successful Profit-Triggers members – say to themselves, How can I make what:

PROFIT-TRIGGERS teaches work in my business? How does it apply to my business?”

Unsuccessful business owners say, “That doesn’t apply to my business” Rest assured, everything that we’re teaching you here, works.

Rest assured, everything that we’re teaching you here works.

By the way, we’ve answered all of your objections with this:

  • You don’t have the time?

We’ve got it basically done for you; all youve got to do is model what we’ve given you.

  • You don’t have the expertise in writing copy? Guess what, we’ve given you models to follow.

This will work for you, youve just got to use it…More to come…

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Big Hairy Audacious Goal For 2023

brad@Profit-Triggers.com CHEERS 🙌