Your A to Z for Exploding Your Profits


Patiently And Systematically Educate And Motivate Prospects To Meet You... When They’re Ready!

This is really about lead conversion. This is where the real skill comes in, knowing how to set things up, so that people want to meet with you.

The key is that you understand they will only meet with you when they are ready.

Let’s just use that example of saying how to get your carpets properly cleaned for the lowest possible price. And they’re calling and listening to a free-recorded message.

Well, that free recorded message, or if they’re going to get a free report, those things are all starting the process of educating and motivating your prospects to meet you.

And that “meet you” is the part where the actual transaction is going to occur, whether that’s going to be to come into your retail store, or it’s going to be to invite you into their house to give them a carpet audit, or it’s going to be coming to your homebuyer workshop, if you’re a real estate agent, or any of those things where you’re going to get into a position where you can start your sales process.

You can’t just educate people and send them free reports and expect that they will just line up to come in to see you.

People need prompting.

We’re all basically shy, and reluctant to start an interaction.

We’ve all been raised to not impose on people, and not to make people go out of their way for us.

It goes both ways.

That thinking makes us meek in the way we talk to prospects. We say things like “If there’s anything I can do for you, or if you have any questions...don’t hesitate to give me a call, I’m more than happy to help”

Now, we may be sincere in saying that, but it’s a very weak proposition.

We’re essentially asking our prospects to be the leader, and initiate, by asking you for something...which you would be happy to provide.

The problem is, most people don’t like asking for anything...but we’re helpless against people offering us something, because we equally don’t like to reject people.

It’s a strange social dynamic.

I often use an example of bringing you into my home, sitting you down in the living room, and saying “If there’s anything you want to eat or drink, there’s lots of stuff in the fridge... just feel free to help yourself. I’ll be in the other room, if you need anything just holler”

Again, I would be completely sincere in that offer, and I would love it if you would feel comfortable enough to help yourself to something in the fridge.... but I know that’s not what you would do.

You would feel uncomfortable imposing like that. It’s the way we’re raised.

Now contrast that with me coming into the living room with a plate of freshly baked cookies, holding them right in front of you and saying “would you like a cookie?”

The truth is, it would be very difficult for you NOT to take a cookie under those circumstances - even if they weren’t your favorite cookie - because I’ve clearly gone out of my way to make these cookies for you, and it would be rude to reject me.

Understanding that dynamic helps you realize that people are silently begging to be led.

They don’t want to lead. They want someone to tell them what to do...and make it EASY for them to do it.

We talk about the difference between marketing and sales. This is really where your marketing is delivering people right to the During Building Blocks, so that when you actually meet with them, they’re already pre-disposed to wanting to do business with you.

And just like in the headline, “Free recorded message reveals how to have your carpets cleaned properly, at the lowest possible price.”

Now, that could be, “Free video on this website reveals,” it could be a variety of different mechanisms that you deliver information to. But basically, once they would call that free recorded message, they would hear 7 questions to ask a carpet cleaner before you invite him into your home, 6 costly misconceptions about carpet cleaning, 8 mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaner, how to avoid 4 carpet cleaning rip-offs, the difference between value and price.

All of those things will educate people on how to choose a carpet cleaner, so that even if they never do business with your company, when they listen to your free recorded message they will know what they didn’t know they didn’t know before calling it, so they can make an informed, intelligent decision.

And now, equipped with that information, they’re a more confident buyer. And a more confident buyer is exactly the type of buyer you want.

You want them to have confidence with you, and that’s why you are providing that information. And since you are the one providing them that information, who did they have the most rapport and trust with? They have it with YOU!

Unless they are price shoppers, and the free recorded message would sift, sort and screen the price shoppers, and it will present to you the ideal sort of prospects.

And the ideal prospects will love the fact that you presented them with that education, because it helps them make a buying decision, and they will do business with you.

This applies to anyone. I don’t care what business you’re in. I’m yet to find someone who can sit and tell me, “Oh, you’re better off not educating your prospects and clients”, unless, of course, you’re in a business like if you sell cigarettes, which I would never recommend anyone do, but lets assume that, you probably don’t want to educate them about how it’s going to kill them. So, if you’re in a business that actually creates value and delivers something that’s good and useful to people, then an educated prospect and client is the absolute best person, and it’s the most ethical form of advertising and marketing.

That’s why it’s so irritating when you hear people talk about how marketers, all they’re trying to do is sell you something. Selling is not yelling.

Where many parts of the auto industry have it wrong is they think if you just blast with a big starburst in the newspaper, on a TV or radio ad, and you yell a huge low price, that that’s the most compelling thing that you can ever offer to people. And you’ve got an entire industry, in many ways that screwed itself because their focus has always been on low price yelled louder and louder and louder. And they actually think that’s marketing and selling.

I guess you can put it under that umbrella, but that isnʼt what we would ever use. We actually teach people stuff that works. We want people that are pre-interested, pre-motivated, pre-qualified and predisposed, and actually happy and confident to seek out our services.

Honestly, I don’t know a more effective way to create the very best prospects in an ethical manner, than using these Profit Triggers.