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The Great Intimacy Secret

You should notice something about the “stupid” Web copy you just read, as well as the before and after copy you read. You should note the same insight about these very words you are reading right now.

In fact, you should notice this characteristic in virtually all Hypnotic Writing. What am I talking about?


As you read those earlier words from the site, you probably sensed a personality behind the words. As you read these words here, by me, you probably get a feel for my personality.

This secret is one of the greatest keys to creating Hypnotic Writing. People buy from people they like. When you allow your personality to come through, people feel a sense of intimacy with you. They begin to trust you. And like you. Rapport is built. And sales happen.

All of the great copywriters that I can think of wrote in their own voice. They didn’t try to be someone else. David Ogilvy wrote like David Ogilvy. Dan Kennedy writes like Dan

Kennedy. Joe Vitale writes like Joe Vitale. I don’t try to be Dan or David and they don’t try to be me.

This lesson is of enormous importance. What it means is this: Forget trying to imitate any writer you admire. (Note: Studying other writers is a wise way to learn how they wrote.

I just don’t want you to become another writer.) Forget trying to please English teachers. Erase everything you ever learned about “how to write.”

From now on, you have my permission to write in any way that feels right to you. If your style is to use slang, then use slang.

If you are from a different country, let that uniqueness come forth. If you like to tell funny stories, then tell them.

Your style is your voice, and your voice will create an intimacy with your reader that is profound.

Now note: I am not advocating being mindless in your communication. I’m going to teach you my persuasion formula in this manual. By writing in your own style, by following my formula, you will create Hypnotic Writing. It will just be your Hypnotic Writing. Not mine. Not anyone else’s. Yours.

I can’t stress this enough. What people want is a new voice. They want to read words from a trusted new friend. That can be you.

Here’s a million dollar secret: Many great copywriters call a friend and tell them about the product or service they want to sell. They record the call. They then play it back, listening for the ways they described what they were selling.

Why did they do this?

When people think of writing, the inner pressure gets turned on. All their past education comes rushing in, almost drowning their creative voice.

But when they speak, they are loose. Mark Twain said, “If we were all taught to speak the same way we were taught to write, we’d all stutter.”

Hypnotic Writing comes from being loose. It comes from not editing yourself as you write. It comes from trusting yourself, being yourself, and expressing yourself. It comes from being you.

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