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Expanding Your Network

Congratulations – you did it!! You’re putting yourself out there as a writer in a real way.

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Now it’s time to own it and share it with the world!

Here are your next steps to share your profile and get seen by the kinds of clients you want to work with:

  1. Now that you are all set up, start searching for those ideal clients and sending invitations to connect. Make sure to send a thank you message to any of the people who accept your invitation.
  2. Like, share and comment on any of their LinkedIn Activity to keep the conversation going and make yourself visible.
  3. Study their profiles and websites and write a personalized invitation to connect to each one.
  4. Write regularly! Create posts and articles right in the main LinkedIn timeline where it prompts you to “start a post.” Remember that each post or article you write is a sample of your writing abilities.

What if I already have a LinkedIn profile for my job? I don’t want my employer to know about this, right?

I don't know your employer, so it's hard to say, but I doubt they're focused on your LinkedIn profile, especially if you're not competing with them. If you're not selling whatever they're selling, then they may not care that you have a side gig for now. I really wouldn't worry too much about it. I know there are situations where you simply can't have anything aside from your job on your profile… So that's when having a “Company Page” is the second best option. It's not as good, you can't do as much with it, but it is an alternative.