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Small Businesses Loves Our System
Because It is So Simple to Use…

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Because We Hold You By The Hand… And Even Do Your Marketing For You!

The Profit Triggers was designed as a resource to help businesses grow through emotional direct response marketing. From day one the goal was to create a system that could be delegated to your team. Through all the resources, we hold you by the hand to help you implement each marketing strategy.

Let’s face it, figuring out how to market your business each month can be stressful, expensive, time consuming and darn right difficult enough to make your brain hurt! The good news is the latest addition to your Business Marketing will make your monthly marketing easy!

If you loved coloring books and painting by numbers as a kid then you will love your Profit Triggers. Each marketing piece can be tailored for your business and, of course, we show you how. If you’re looking for ways to improve compliance then look no further.

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Take The Pain Out Of Marketing & See For Yourself How Easy Marketing Can Be…

Direct Marketing    

We will help you focus on promoting your product or service, and call on your customers to act – to receive further information, register their interest, visit your website, make a booking or a purchase.

Promote your products and services directly to the customers who most need them. You will set up a good direct marketing campaign will:

  • help you build relationships with new customers
  • test the appeal of your product or service
  • tell you which marketing approaches reach your target market
  • provide customers with compelling content they can share with potential customers
  • increase sales.

Persuasive Copywriting

Persuasive content changes your entire business game.

When we say content gets bottom-line results for your business, we’re not just talking about website copywriting like your Services or About page.

We’re talking about your sales pages, your landing pages, your articles and blog posts, your email-marketing strategies, your ebook content, your weekly newsletters, your launch campaign content, your case studies, your press releases…

We will help you make sure every single word of content is designed to introduce, engage, promote and market your business. Do it right, and these revenue-generating copywriting assets can skyrocket your success.

Why? Because words have the powerful ability to influence consumer perception and create slam-dunk results for your business. In fact, improving any of your content or website copy – even just a sentence or two – can create immediate, bottom-line impact.

You’ll increase sales, boost your credibility, engage new readers, generate more conversions, and turn prospects into buyers.  

Consultative Selling with Scripts

We will provide resources to make your sales process to primarily focused on the experience that the potential customer (the lead) feels and sees during their interactions with you. It’s about the how you find ways to provide your leads with value and make it all about them. Not your product, your business, your numbers. The consultative sales process is most especially not about you.

We will guide you do solution-based selling.

Solution selling is a sales methodology. Rather than just promoting an existing product, the salesperson focuses on the customer’s pain(s) and addresses the issue with his or her offerings (product and services).

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Have A Question…?
We will be happy to answer them.

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