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White Papers

How to Become a Professional White Paper Writer

Welcome to your foundation for writing white papers, a highly valued skill! Once you understand the formulas for writing different kinds of white papers, when to use which formula to help your client, and how to write an amazing white paper — you can hang out your shingle as a professional white paper writer. Yes, you’ll be ready to begin earning professional white paper fees … between $2,000 and $8,000 per project.

Everything starts here on your member page: your core 10-part learning program with assignments and quizzes to deeply ingrain the fundamentals in you … a final assignment to turn in for expert feedback … a variety of published white paper samples; and bonus materials to help you launch your white paper writing services. Enjoy!

Lesson 1

What is a White Paper… and Why You’ll Want to Write Them

Lesson 2

What White Papers Look Like: Different Types For Your Toolbox

Lesson 3

White Paper Content Elements and Formulas: What You’ll Actually Be Writing

Lesson 4

The Key to The Most Effective White Papers ─ Research

Lesson 5

The Purpose of Your White Paper - Your Reader

Lesson 6

6 Best Practices for Your Most Effective White Paper

Lesson 7

How to Make Sure Your White Paper Has Power

Lesson 8

Your Comfortable Timeline for Writing Long-Form Copy Projects

Lesson 9

Now It’s Time to Ask … What Else Beyond the Whitepaper

Lesson 10

Your Client-Getting Plan Revealed