Flowery Branch, Georgia

Make a Great Living as a Lead-Gen Copywriter

Lead-generation is arguably the most important part of the entire sales process for any company… because without potential buyers (i.e. leads), they can’t make any sales.


As a Lead-Gen Copywriter, you are the RAINMAKER … the hero who brings a steady stream of leads, month after month, for any client lucky enough to hire you.

During this live Inside AWAI session Pam Foster interviews Rachael Kraft, Direct Response Lead-Gen Consultant, to take you inside this incredibly hot opportunity for writers.

You’ll discover:

  • •What lead-gen copywriting is
  • Why it’s a critical service for clients
  • How it all works in the marketing cycle
  • The types of writing projects that support lead generation
  • What can you earn as a Lead-Gen Copywriter
  • How to find clients and become their “rainmaker”
  • Even how to use lead-gen copywriting for your own business!

And as always, there’s a robust Q&A at the end!

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